Autumn Rose Frantz



My name is Autumn Rose Frantz and I am a graphic designer from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Studio Selfie.jpg

I currently work with CAI Labs, a small, multi-disciplinary IT team which solves tough problems with well-designed software; I design print marketing materials, help with UI design, and construct creative solutions with the team. I studied at Maine College of Art in Portland, specializing in graphic design, and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in May of 2016. I interned at the Portland Museum of Art, helped as a teaching assistant for the Advanced Typography class, tutored design majors during my free time, and was an assistant for Wary Meyers, a local, Portland business during my senior year. During my off-time, I enjoy posting Instagram photos that show the way I see the world and create captions that make me laugh.

In my work, I take an instinctual approach to design. In the beginning phases, I open my mind and allow any and all thoughts to come to me as I sketch loosely — this is where my creativity begins to flow. I design my work with intent, pay attention to the details, and allow natural change to happen.


All photography is by Autumn Rose Frantz with the exception of the product photography of Honey Baby—credit goes to Maine College of Art's photography department.