The Process of an Independent Project

I Should Explain...

9:26 pm

I guess for this blog to be successful you have to know what my Independent Project is about. I want you to read the next sentence... pause, let it sink in... then read it again to believe it.

Your thoughts become things.

Let me explain. If you are not familiar with the documentary The Secret, I suggest you stop reading this and watch it. The Law of Attraction simply is, your thoughts become things and like attracts like. So, if you put positive vibes out into the Universe, you will be rewarded with positive things in your life. Same thing goes with negative thoughts, so keep that in mind next time you're having a bad day. Ever have a day where things seem to be getting worse and worse? You are causing yourself pain by saying "Damn! My day keeps getting worse!" The Universe hears 'my day is getting worse' and replies 'your wish is my command'. Don't believe me? Well, then I know you didn't watch that documentary I told you to watch.

Your thoughts are so powerful, why not use them for good? You have the power to receive whatever you desire. Start today. Start now.


Autumn Frantz