The Process of an Independent Project

Inspiration Wanted

5:11 pm

Life is Great Because...

  1. Today was a beautiful day
  2. I have Mac&Cheese bites in the oven
  3. I'm wearing my favorite perfume
  4. The flowers I bought last week are still alive
  5. I am not in pain today
  6. I found a new music I'm currently obsessed with
  7. I am happy
  8. I am making the most of the last months in my beautiful apartment
  9. A new Netflix original just came out
  10. I'm grabbing coffee with a dear friend tomorrow
  11. Life is great because it just is

I guess I'm having a difficult time figuring out how I want to display these. I'm thinking it would be nice for these to be out for people to pick up and read. In my previous crit someone suggested I record, or make a video of people reading random responses. I think this is a great idea but I'm not thrilled by doing that. For me to do something, I have to be 110% excited about it. I guess I'm still waiting for the inspiration to come to me.

Autumn Frantz