The Process of an Independent Project

That's a Wrap (But Not Really)

3:20 p.m.

I've survived the midterm critiques. I'm relieved this stress is over but I feel so exhausted—so mentally drained. But there is no time for exhaustion! I had a fantastic review, a few good/alright reviews, and one that I'm just going to say thank you and let it go. Here is a recap and what I took away from my critiques:

Consistent Feedback: 

  1. The lists are not working in my poster
  2. The poster is too abstract, the message is lost
  3. Number of voices is unknown with the lists

Lightbulb Moments:

  • Choosing single phrases from lists to use in the poster
  • Making a book, or something simple for people to flip through to look at everyone's list
  • Have a place in my exhibit for people to fill out their own, or have something interactive for people to participate in
  • Making books to hand out will not be reasonable, but having a take away is important
  • Constantly remind myself of the larger picture to stay on topic

Working on Next:

  • The Poster
    • removing the lists—taking phrases from each and using more intimate and personal ones that fit the "thoughts become things"
    • working on the language a bit more, figuring out what I'm doing with the shapes
    • Possibly rethink if I'm going to use the riso or not.
  • "The List" Book or App
    • For this project, I'm thinking of binding the actual lists, or scanning them in and use it for an app, or community where others can read responses and add to the conversation of gratitude
  • Thinking of a small take away
    • This could be just a small saddle-stitched notebook with a well designed, positive cover
Autumn Frantz